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Sound Room

Project Lala Rascic .Next Project...
While Rascic's work revolves around video performances showing the artist enacting multiple roles in her audio drama inspired videos, in Istanbul the artist will stage a premiere of her newest script. This will be the first time that Lala Rascic delivers her performance in front of a live audience, instead of the camera. The performance bears the name "Individual Utopias", as is the title of the script that the artist wrote early this year. The script is based on a true event of which the artist herself was a witness. The performance is part of a larger exhibition project scheduled for early June. Invited to join a workshop in Mostar in autumn 2007, Rascic found herself in the midst of a number of issues that are plaguing contemporary Bosnia And Herzegovina. While the workshop itself was a fiasco the artist recognized a strong dramatic potential in the events that occurred and in it found a basis for her new project. "Individual Utopias" is a tragic - comic account of the frustrations and absurdities that can take place in a de-regulated and segregated environment such as post-war Mostar. Sarajevo born artist Lala Rascic teams up with Mostar band Vuneny to perform her version of audio theater for Art On Stage. A hybrid form of a script rehearsal and theatrical performance Rascic will cast herself as a number of characters, delivering her lines in interaction with the electronic and instrumental sonic support by Vuneny.A closer look into Rascic"s work will be taking place in Apartman Projesi, where her video installation "Sorry wrong number" will be on view from 22.04. The integral version for the "Individual Utopias" script will be presented and available for the visitors of the exhibition to take home and read thru before seeing the same script performed the next day, 23.04 in Studio Live. While Rascic maintains a care for the "entertainment" quality in her work, the subverted message is no laughing matter. At a closer look, the seemingly humorous works are a satirical comment on contemporary society.
Costume & Make-up: Maja Kriskovic  Hair: SnjeZana Topalusic
"Sorry, Wrong Number" is a video installation based on the author's interpretation of a famous audio drama from the 40's.The audio track and the image synchronize only at brief moments while the viewer is listening to the audio track of the video through a receiver of an old telephone. The seeming technical mistake evokes the feel of old time TV. The moments when image and sound are in sync seem uncanny as it becomes evident that the distorted voices are in fact, belonging to the performer. The impossibility of synchronization of audio with the video and with each other comments on the impossibility of communication, it talks of isolation.

The same theme is present in the very narrative of the radio play. The main storyline is about an invalid woman who spends all of her days in her room. Her only link to the outside world is her telephone. One night she gets the wrong connection and overhears a plan for a murder. While desperately trying to warn the police, she realizes that she has overheard the plan for her own murder.
This exhibition openning is supported by Efes Pilsen.

Individual Utopias

Curator: Derya Demir
Istanbul, April 2008;
Video Installation.