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Contemplating the experience of being lost in time, Hush, as a single screen video installation placed on a wall at the Apartment Project at a child’s height level, alludes to the artist’s childhood in Istanbul.  It envisions the city as a pivotal point of intersection between memory and imagination.  Hush aims to examine the portrayal of uprooted existence and the subsequent changes to identity.  It explores the ways in which video can evoke memory as a pose to put a limit on the cycle of reiteration with its simultaneous capacity for repressing and forgetting.


Helin's attempt is to bring the viewer closer to what is being shown but also, simultaneously pull her/him away, subjecting to a contrary movement that creates both distance and proximity.  It implies the whole question of reflexive or self-reflexive response to a space.  The LCD monitor placed at the abdomen level is in relation to the female body.  Subsequently, the mini-slide projector becomes a metaphor as a vessel for memory where the ghostly image of the figure attempts to regain body as if the camera has been placed within the viewer’s body.  With the use of the mechanical but entrancing sound, the image tries but struggles to regain body, conveying a sense of giddiness against the abyss of time.


What we witness is an attempt to release the image from its fixed place in history and fit it within a new temporal register.  Without a temporal or spatial reach, the action confined within the video engages the viewer in a grip from past to present and future; and from silence to speech.  Hush questions the affinity of time and asks whether any manner of representation can answer the demands of history; and if the weight of past could ever be signified productively in the present.
Supported by the British Council


Hush/Sus, Sessiz Ol 
Istanbul, April 2008;
Video Installation.