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leaving room


The event that will take place at the Apartment Project, consists in a data-driven installation accompanied by a soundtrack produced for the occasion by the composer Matteo Corda. The installation will visualize the map of Europe and the ‘trajectories of intrusion’ that, through an overlapping ‘in crescendo’, belong to routes covered by migrants that from 1993 to 2007 died while crossing the Mediterranean Sea in order to reach ‘Fortress Europe’.


Leaving room works on two levels: on the one hand, it is an attempt to present from a global perspective the phenomenon of immigration that in the last 15 years counted circa 8800 deaths, a large amount of them anonymous. The second level reflects on the phenomenon in its particular and singular components.

The viewer will be asked to consider the phenomenon of intrusion in a ‘structural’ way; to think intrusion as a crucial feature of the very notion of culture, the latter intended as a unity of distinctions where the dichotomy between global and particular stands still in order to maintain open the sense of intrusion as such. At the same time, leaving room, questioning the position of a politically correct multiculturalism that sees immigration in an uncritical way homogenizing every distinction, tries to conceive intrusion as such, starting from the assumption that culture is mixture and meléè by definition but a mixture intended as a sharing process in which distinction is always present. To think the melée of culture as a risk and as a chance in its particularities does not mean to negate the positive feature of mixture and its trajectories but it demands us to think intrusion as such, doing justice to all the different kinds of nomadism.


Leaving room would like to invite the viewer to look at hybridization not as a fact in itself, because this means to annule the fertile aspects of it, but to regard it as something that emerges and transforms itself in its becoming. At the same time, it invites not to think hybridisation as a threat, ignoring it in favour of an identity identical only to itself.


leaving room is in association with:

UNITED – - death list copyright 1993-2007


Supported by: Goldsmiths, Graduate School, University of London


A catalogue with texts by philosopher Prof. Alexander Garcìa Duttmann and

art critic Rìan Lozano

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BiS in collaboration with:code: Angelo Santucci
soundtrack:Matteo Corda

concept:Daniele Rugo
curating:Roberto Cavallini
organized by:Serra Özhan