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Collaborative Projects

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The methodology:

Collective Film Project , CFP is collaboration of artists (artist as definition has been used in wider sense in here) from different backgrounds with their own voices.

The collaboration requires participation of each member to collective living and producing.

It is widely open any daily circumstances, stances and chances.

Old movies, performances, literature will be widely used as advisory materials.

Aims: CFP aims to give a start from point to which with 7/24 living/workshops searching for some ways of nurturing an experience. It is centered on process of participants who will accompany with each other to deal on potential combinations of made-up language. This language would be site specific and for that duration of collaboration as in the making of a Movie or as in staging.

The presentation:


The presentation of final results will be screened in the Apartment Project . For projection we will use three outdoor windows of the place suggesting the realism of an actual performance in the room. The whole presentation is based on presenting on three windows starting from idea that maybe there are more than two sides of the things. 


With “Suggesting the realism of an actual performance” in the room participants will start with the talks on actual performance, acting, staging, stage, day, everyday performances and everyday acts. Although it is highly discussed the reality realm of the movie theaters, hereby CFP will start to discuss the acting and staging realm in everyday life.

 The space will be used as an open book for mind searching and mind twisting of the group. September 2012 Apartment Project Berlin residency is the actual place where this idea of movie making, movie adopting, discussing in between reality and dream is flourished.

 Within this frame 5 artist from Istanbul and 2 artists from Berlin will live together inside Apartment Project for a month. After a month mind map-s of that period will be connected into montage, editing through the presentation screened on outdoor windows. The CFP workshops will be realizing between  7th September- 7 October, the post production will be finished on 21th October.  

this project is supported by SAHA
Collective Film
 actresses  actors  director  scriptwriters
Güneş Terkol 
Irem Tok
Iz Oztat
Ozgür Erkök Moroder
Sevim Sancaktar

edited by: Selda Asal & .-_-.
stage: Berk Asal
costums: Christoph Moroder